When I created this blog, I intended for it to be a tech blog. My plan was to use this space to share my knowledge about, among other things, open source community, hardware and software, making, electronics, programming, documentation and technical writing. Whether I kept up with it or not, was neither here nor there for me. I created this space for that purpose, and it was here when I was ready for it.

Fast-forward to last week when something rather serious came up in my personal life. I decided I wanted to share that as well, but felt that it had no place on my "tech blog". Initially, I considered creating a second blog buried in this one for personal things. Complicated logistics of that aside, the more thought I gave it, the more I began leaning towards simply expanding the scope of the blog itself.

To that end, I'm adding a "Personal" tag under which I plan to share personal topics. (Personal because I couldn't think of anything better. If I come up with something, I'll update the tag name.) I still hope to share my tech knowledge, and there are plenty of tags for that. If that's what you came here for, worry not, I'll get back to it eventually. But know that you'll also find more about me as a person throughout as well.