Kattni Hello! I'm called Kattni, and I am, among other things, a mentor, maker, open source community leader, technical writer, and embedded software developer. I am currently sponsored by Adafruit to work part-time on the CircuitPython project. I am also sonsored by folks on GitHub to further share my knowledge and help diversify my contributions to Open Source.

If you're interested in working directly with me on mentoring, documentation or open source community, consider sponsoring me on GitHub.

I spend my time with Adafruit maintaining the CircuitPython libraries, coordinating new contributors, leading the Adafruit community, authoring guides and tutorials, and picking up whatever else needs to be done. I also have some embedded hardware design experience, and even have a few breakout boards with my name on them (such as, the DS3502 and the VEML7700).

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Oakland University in Rochester, MI. I worked for the School of Engineering and Computer Science while attending university, as a network and system administrator. Beyond university, I have worked a variety of jobs including freelance photography, as a Genius for Apple, a case worker for Community Mental Health, a nanny, an IT Generalist, and a dialysis technician. I spent much of the time in between these jobs trying to figure out what to do next.

Halfway though 2017, I found a passion I had never considered, and it began a series of events that bought me to the amazing place I now find myself. I am paid to work on something I am passionate about, and I am finding ways to further pursue it in my personal time.

Here are some places you can find me: