As you may know, one of my biggest passions is learning new things and sharing those things with others. Project tutorials are a great way to do that, but they can take time. In the meantime, I want to share smaller things. Enter: kBits.

kBits are the things I learn along the way. kBits content will always be on a single topic, though they may cover more than one thing about that topic. Essentially, they give me an opportunity to share the individual things I find interesting.

I haven't settled on a format for kBits yet, and any decisions there will evolve over time. I will update this post with the format once I have it sorted.

You'll also find a kBits section in every project tutorial. This will be a bullet list of more concise instructions for completing the project. The project tutorial format will be covered in my next post.

Now you know what to expect of kBits. I hope you find them as enjoyable to experience as I will sharing them. If you have any suggestions or feedback at any time, don't hesitate to reach out.