Hello and welcome! I'm Kattni. I am, among other things, a maker, open source community leader, technical writer, and embedded software developer. In my many past lives, I have a degree in Pyschology, tended a garden for one summer, taken up knitting, attempted to open an Etsy shop to sell the aforementioned knitting and handmade jewelery, worked in health care and as a Genius for Apple, as well as various other jobs, and spent a lot of time between trying to figure out what to do next. In June 2017, I stumbled into a passion I had never considered, and began a series of events that would lead me to sitting here writing the first post on a new website. Anyway, the point of this post is to break a bottle of champagne over the proverbial bow, and get me past the awkward introductions and onto writing content.

I am incredibly passionate about mentoring, writing and maintaining thorough and accessible documentation, and creating and building welcoming and supportive opens source communities. I intend to begin sharing some of my knowledge and skills. Hopefully I can provide some insight into these concepts, and help some of you along your own journeys.

As for the obligatory caveat: I have no idea what kind of cadence I will manage moving forward, so at the moment, I can't speak to what kind of update interval to expect. I hope to write regularly, but I have said that in the past and rarely kept up with it. My intention for this is different from anything I've embarked on previously, however, so I can at least hope my follow-through will be divergent as well.